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ATI is a privately held consulting firm formed in January of 2006 in response to our valued existing clients, alliances, technology partners and friends. At ATI we provide environmental services, technical solutions and continue to bring our clients cutting edge green technologies to the far reaches of the globe. We have worked for every sector of the client spectrum, from private industry to the Federal government. We provide our clients with technical expertise that assists them on meeting Federal, State and local environmental regulations as well as offering process evaluation and optimization services. ATI offers technical and professional expertise striving to provide cutting edge green solutions that save industry money while reducing environmental impacts.


ATI is also a Certified HUB, allowing us to work more easily with city, state and federal government. (Certificate/VID Number: 1161762292000)

City of Austin MBE Certified Vendor. MBE Certificate (159 kb)

City of Austin DBE Certified. DBE Certificate (162 kb)

State of Texas Board of Professional Geologist license #5276 LPST

Project Manager license #PM0000111

P.E. License Numbers:

  • Texas - 63633

  • South Carolina - 29335

  • Kentucky - 30981

Acro Technologies Inc.
9600 Escarpment Blvd. #745-7
Austin, TX 78749

Phone: (512) 394-0823
Fax: (512) 861-2016

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