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Acro Technologies, Inc. Now Offers Various Legionella Sampling Services

Due to the increasing demand by clientele, Acro Technologies Inc. is now offering Legionella sampling and analysis services. We are offering CDC and CDC approved ISO methodology via traditional culture sampling for investigative or routine testing purposes, respectively. Our focus are the current problems faced by livestock owners and traders and also the retirement industry as a whole. Our intention is to work with industry leaders and monitor for current and ensuing problems in order to keep this and other bacterium at bay.

Other services include, PCR-BioRad iQ-Check rapid detection screening for environmental sampling and Legionella pneumophila testing employing Quantitray/ Legiolert bacterial quantification. To view all of these services in detail please visit our services section.


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Acro Technologies Inc.
9600 Escarpment Blvd. #745-7
Austin, TX 78749

Phone: (512) 394-0823
Fax: (512) 861-2016

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